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The Metzler Family Legacy at Rocky Mountain Public Media

The Metzler Family Legacy at Rocky Mountain Public Media

The Metzler siblings, Robert Franklin Metzler and Rosemary Margaret Metzler, understood the value of learning at every stage in life, which drew them to the work of Rocky Mountain PBS.

Robert and Rosemary Metzler made catalytic gifts through their estate plans, thereby playing an integral role in completing Rocky Mountain Public Media's capital campaign to build the Buell Public Media Center. With their generous estate gifts, they established the Metzler Family Learning Center in the lobby of the Buell Public Media Center.

The legacy of Robert and Rosemary Metzler will live on, as their generous gifts allow Rocky Mountain Public Media to continue to serve all of Colorado through thought-provoking and educational programming.

Robert Franklin Metzler

September 5, 1923 - July 6, 2020

Mr. Metzler truly lived a life of service through education. A graduate of the University of Denver, Mr. Metzler also received an honorary doctorate degree from Columbia University for his unmatched contributions to the field of education.

In 1944, he began teaching in classrooms where he shined as a children's educator. He was a natural in the classroom, but leadership was also in his blood. He quickly became school principal, was elected as County Superintendent of Douglas County Schools in 1952, and Superintendent of Schools for Clear Creek County in 1964.

Mr. Metzler's incredible passion for education and his groundbreaking classroom concepts landed him national recognition at the 1964 World's Fair, where he presented his ideas and transformational educational practices with a team from Columbia University. Before taking his career internationally, Mr. Metzler was part of the administration of Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs.

Education played a leading role in his life, but other passions, that likely stemmed from being a third generation Coloradan, included ranching, fishing, and cross-country skiing, as well as art and service through philanthropy.

Rosemary Margaret Metzler

July 18, 1928 - February 15, 2017

Rosemary Metzler's passion for education encompassed a love of literature and the arts, as she spent 33 years of her life teaching AP English, Shakespeare, and Creative Writing.

Rosemary's teaching style was thoughtful, enthusiastic and completely unmatched. She opted for a hands-on approach with her students, as their success was her ultimate goal. Rosemary understood the value of well-rounded individuals and acted on that belief. Outside the classroom, she was known to support her students' endeavors, including their extracurricular activities of sports and theater. She encouraged the development of her students in all facets of their lives.

Rosemary's educational efforts and philosophy made waves beyond borders, as she taught in Europe and Africa. She also lectured at the collegiate level at the University of Denver and made administrative impacts by serving on teacher evaluation committees.

Retirement did not end Rosemary's love of education. Upon ending her career as a teacher, she published multiple children's books, which captured a unique look at rural and ranching life.

Rosemary's dedication to student success has left a lasting impression that is beyond measure.

Robert Franklin Metzler Words of Wisdom 1970:

"A kind word, a kind deed-both are understood the world over. They are a universal language, a password and open sesame to friendship and success. Happy is the individual who has the tact, the grace and the good sense to recognize the dignity and the importance of respect of a fellow human being. His life is thereby made more pleasant. People are more anxious to help him and thus to reciprocate the kindness he has extended to them. Strive to speak more kind words, for they are far reaching and like ripples circle on and on in our lives and in the lives of others."

There is no question that Robert and Rosemary Metzler brought passion and purpose to education, and we are fortunate to have their legacy part of Rocky Mountain Public Media.

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