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Peter W. Grant III
May 9, 1932-December 12, 2020

In the fall of 1958, Peter and Rhondda Grant moved to Colorado from New York City when he received a job at the Colorado National Bank. The two-who married 18 months after meeting on a blind date while Peter was at Yale and Rhondda at Vassar-remained in Colorado, and eventually had three daughters: Hallidie, Deirdre and Liza.

Peter continued working in the banking industry until 1993, when he was named the Chairman of the Colorado National Bank of Denver and Colorado National Bancshares. During this time, Peter became acquainted with Don Johnson, President and General Manager of KRMA (Rocky Mountain PBS).

Public television was close to Peter's heart, as his father and other associates purchased, managed, and owned KOA radio and television. Peter was also a personal advocate of education and believed public television offered unmatched educational messages.

With a heart for philanthropy and the power of community, Peter became involved with Rocky Mountain PBS and worked to expand listenership and membership by organizing a series of events titled, Information Breakfasts. He invited business leaders and contributors to these events at the station, allowing them to meet leadership staff and learn the importance of programming. During this time, Peter was elected Chair of the Board and served from 1993-1995.

Peter was also part of the campaign committee and cabinet that raised $15 million to move the station from its location on Glenarm Street to Bannock Street. In addition, Peter and his wife Rhondda played an integral role in helping us complete Rocky Mountain Public Media's most recent $35 million capital campaign to build the Buell Public Media Center, our new home on Arapahoe Street.

Peter's favorite programs on Rocky Mountain PBS included Masterpiece Theatre, NOVA, Frontline, American Experience, and the MacNeil/Lehrer Report.

Peter passed away on December 12, 2020 and left Rocky Mountain Public Media as a beneficiary of his Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Peter's generous planned gift and support during his lifetime will leave a lasting impact on our community. His legacy and philanthropic spirit will forever be remembered in the Buell Public Media Center, as a seat in the Masterpiece Studio is named in his honor.

During his life, Peter's leadership and service to Rocky Mountain PBS shaped public media in the state of Colorado. His legacy gift continues to serve the mission of Rocky Mountain Public Media and strengthen the civic fabric of our community.

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